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Business Style Woman's Trend Fall Winter 2023

Business Style Dressing

Business-style dressing is setting the tone for the upcoming months, reflecting a distinct desire to elegantly dress for work. The trend is prominently featuring 80s oversized blazers with shoulder pads and pencil skirts, often paired with visible underwear for a bold and sophisticated look.

Whether you’re starting a new job or want to refresh your office look for the season ahead, now is the time to finesse the business-core trend before it officially hits the streets.

Put a twist on your usual officewear by incorporating casual pieces such as layered knits, wide-leg trousers, or patterned blazers over turtlenecks. Mix and match to create a stylish ensemble. Additionally, a new tote bag can be your go-to accessory, whether you’re a professional aiming to elevate your office style or a student aspiring for a sophisticated yet practical back-to-school look.

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