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Micro Shorts

As shorter hemlines continue to gain momentum in recent seasons, Micro Shorts have made a ubiquitous appearance on runways, emerging as the hottest fashion piece for Spring 2024.

Having their moment, the designer centered much of their collection around the teeny and hot silhouette by balancing it with easy, elegant tops and blazers as well as structured sweatshirts creating a harmonious blend of chic and comfort.

At Tom Ford, the brand elevated the sexiness to new heights, showcasing sultry hot pants in various glamourous materials paired with lightweight cardigans, well-tailored jackets and shirts unbuttoned past the navel featuring a ruffled placket. Prada, instead, ingeniously transformed hot pants into an office-friendly attire by pairing them with tucked-in blazer tops, blending functionality with sartorial details. Meanwhile, No.21 embraced a more youthful vibe, showcasing silky sporty track trunks paired with a see-through sparkly top, sans bra. Finished with a pair of white pointy-toe flats, it feels like the perfect choice for a high summer party when you want to look absolutely fabulous.

For those keen on staying at the forefront of the latest style trend, Micro Shorts are the coolest way to dress up your bottom half in spring 2024.

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