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SS24 Top 5 Colour Trends

Get ready for the upcoming season with the top 5 colour trends from the SS24 runway.

Fashion’s obsession with Cherry Red has been impossible to ignore in recent seasons, seen on the runway but also on the red carpet. Expect to see this fiery shade making waves in both formal and everyday wear.

Liquid Gold was seen all over the runways this season with a sleek and fluid look, bringing a modern touch of elegance. Making a stunning appearance, designers ingeniously incorporated the colour trend throughout their looks, effortlessly managing to find the balance between bold and refined.

Adding a touch of sophistication, a romantic Off-White emerged as a timeless and versatile choice. Designers showcased the elegance of this subtle hue in a variety of styles ranging from head-to-toe ensembles to elaborate cut-out party dresses, impeccably tailored suits, flowing dresses, and chic separates.

Glacial Blue introduces a soft and optimistic aesthetic with timeless, gender-inclusive appeal. This cool and calming hue elegantly graced the runways, adorning flowing dresses, tailored suits, and accessories.

Sweat pink, injecting an effortlessly youthful and easygoing charm, is joined by seasonal colours. This playful and vibrant hue brings a touch of freshness and vivacity to the fashion scene, making it an ideal choice to infuse energy and positivity into your wardrobe.

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